18. Project: Motivation

My four motivations are my husband & three kids & maintaining a beautiful home to surround them.

Knowing my home is an organised space means I have more time to spend with them doing quality family activities.

Being able to tell my children "I am not busy, yes I can play or read with you" is the only motivation I need right now!

What motivates you?
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17. Project: Don't Stop

Do not stop ... that is what I keep telling myself.

I am known to get bored easily when things start losing their creative appeal. That is why I keep working on new spaces & rooms all the time & over again.

There is always rooms for improvement & adding extra style to my home!
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16. Project: Inspiration

As I started organising my home I started to do research on ideas/products & I came across two websites which are now my inspirations - The Organised Housewife & IHeartOrganizing.

Each website is different to the other but both have really inspired me to keep going & that I am not alone in what I want to achieve & how or the why.
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15. Project: Getting Family Involved

Although I have tried to go it alone in the past (ie. not shared my ideas/plans) I have come to realise my home cannot remain organised without family involvement. I need their support & help otherwise I am doing it all, all the time!

How do you get your family involved in organising around the house?
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14. Project: Home for Everything

Having a dedicated home for everything is the most appealing aspect of an organised home.

Knowing that you can easily find what you need (& adding some creative flair) is absolutely refreshing & keeps me focused on maintaining an organised & functional home.

Plus because I label a lot of my areas others in the house know where things belong too.
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13. Project: Storage Baskets

I love storage baskets (& boxes) & have been known to buy them without really having a use for them (those days are behind me now though, I use everything I buy now).

When I am re-organising or updating a space I like to have an idea first of what I am looking for & then go out & buy the storage baskets & boxes that will be up to the task.

What kinds of storage baskets/boxes do you like the most?
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12. Project: Storage Systems

Finding the right storage system does wonders to a space - I know I have lived in houses with no storage to now one with ample storage.

And it is not only that you can place all your belongings out of the way that is most appealing ... it is what you can do inside the storage areas which defines it.

I love shelving at the moment & adding decorative items & functional storage boxes (pictures to come).

What kinds of storage systems do you like the most?
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11. Project: Labelling

If I could I would label everything!

It helps me to allocate homes for all our belongings & for others to know where to find them.

I have also started using labels as a reading tool to help my preschooler identify letters & words.

At the moment I label using my colour printer & laminator or letter stickers.

What creative methods do you use for labelling?
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10. Project: Perfection

Being perfect ... this I know I am not!

I do like the odd things being a certain way but perfection is not really a big deal on my list of what I want to be in life. I prefer to give things a really good try than have the perfect outcome.

My lifestyle also does not permit that things remain perfect for long anyway as I run after my seven, four & one year old's around the house.
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9. Project: Energy & Effort

With three children under seven years of age who are full of life & always on the go  my own energy does not always keep up, but I have found that healthy eating (just as the experts say) really does assist me in keeping up the momentum.

Being in my 30's my body does react more differently than when I was in my 20's if I have over-indulged (or even under-eaten).

Dedicated exercise time is something I really need to add more effort into then hopefully everything comes together I will be able to have that healthy lifestyle we all strive for!

Can you share any healthy lifestyle tips?
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